Family Discipleship 

We believe that parents are the biggest influencers and can be the best disciple-makers of their family.  Because of this we desire to come along side families and help them  lead their children to Christ and teach them what it means to follow Him for the rest of their lives.  This can be an overwhelming task for parents, but it doesn't have to be. Following whats called the Legacy Milestone Path, we will walk together through 7 different stages (or Milestones) of your child's life  and discuss different ways to minister to them in the stage they are in. We hope that the diagram below may give a little clarity as to what these 7 Milestones are. 

In September 2022 we will be scheduling the seminars for the different milestones.  The schedule for the seminars will depend on the schedules of those who can participate so we will post the schedule when it is decided based on the availability of those who sign up.

If you would like to be included in these seminars or have more questions please reach out to us using the form below