Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

The mission of Lakeside Baptist Church is to equip every generation to live out an authentic relationship with Christ every day. 

Our Vision

The vision of Lakeside Baptist Church is to see people of all ages becomes disciples of Christ that make disciples of Christ in Albany, GA  and around the world.

Our Strategy

We plan to accomplish our mission in 3 steps that work with one another. First, we want people to Encounter us as LBC and ultimately we want people to know Christ as their savior. Once they have an encounter Christ and come to know him as your savior we then want to Equip you in that relationship to live the life He has called you to. We do this in several ways, but mainly through our smaller group ministries: Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, Men's and Women's Ministries, Sunday School, and Discipleship Groups. In these groups we build community and learn how to live the life Christ has called us to live. This process is continuous and we never stop being equipped, however it leads us to the final stage, Engage. In this stage we take what we are learning to other people. Because we have experienced what its like to know our Lord and Savior, we desire others to know Him as well, which brings us back to the first stage, Equip 

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